Bodybuilding expert Nash Jocic has created his training video that will help you greatly improve your size and overall shape. This video was made from the documentary footage taken in 2000 and represents Nash’s authentic training through his favourite 4 days split system that he uses in order to get ripped and hard for competitions, photo shootings or filming, known as the “ultimate shape” workout. 

Nash will demonstrate for you in 60 minutes of non-stop training action his favourite selection of exercises that will double your arms, thicken your legs and chest and widen your back and shoulders, while in the same time develop the ripped six-pack. 

His training system is made of a perfect selection of exercises that will allow you to develop every muscle group in proportion to each other.

This video is a result of Nash’s rich and extensive experience of over 25 years in the field of professional sport, personal training and nutrition and will help you, as well as it helped thousands of his clients, to achieve outstanding results in record time. 

“This video gives excellent guidance and advice in fitness and bodybuilding no matter what level you are. I highly recommend that you add this video to your collection!” Dorian Yates – 6 times Mr. Olympia

Duration: 60 min