Nashfit Training

In the early years of my career all of us have had problems identifying the most productive training systems and techniques that would help us optimise muscle growth and effectively burn body fat. As there were so many conflicting opinions and theories, many of us were simply lost in the endless attempts to try every single one. People who remember that era will agree with me that those were difficult times...

But after all these years, the situation is not much better now! In fact I can honestly say that the situation is now even worse! Forced by the rules of the supplement industry and marketing games, so many advanced and professional bodybuilders have appeared in the media with simply ridiculous advices, training systems and techniques that create nothing more than a huge confusion amongst beginners and intermediates in bodybuilding.

The lucky ones, tangled up in that net of lies and marketing tricks end up more or less the same as they were in the beginning, but lean.

nashfit training

The vast majority of 'followers' who increase they body weight end up with the same muscle mass as they had in the beginning, BUT FAT!

But is it really progress getting your weight up, regardless of the content of the luggage?

Do you really believe that all those pros out there have nothing else to do but to talk publicly how they train, what they eat and what supplements they take? Would you do the same while still competing against athletes who will eventually win just by a margin? Would you tell your enemies before the battle what are you planning to do?
So, they don't... And I didn't when I was competing...

Now just imagine how great it would be if you were able to get your hands on the real training programs and training techniques as well as nutrition that will finally help you to optimise your genetic potential and grow big and lean as much as possible! I know a lot of people out there who would pay a fortune for that!

You have all seen people who regularly go to the gym, push hard, lift heavy weights year after year and still look the same as they looked two, three, ten or more years ago...


What is your story? Did you really change as much as you were expecting after all those years of heavy lifting, cooking, dieting, hopes and dreams and also money spent in a due course?

Do you think that your lack of expected progress is due to the low quality of the gyms you have been using? Or maybe due to low quality of the food you are eating? Or is it the lack of understanding of your family and friends? Not enough motivation or hard work? No, no, please... These are all just cheap excuses...

The lack of your progress is simply due to the lack of the right information about training systems and techniques as well as nutrition.
But this is all about to change now!

After spending 30 years in the field of fitness, nutrition and competitive bodybuilding, investing decades in studying human bio mechanics, anatomy, laws of physiology and biochemistry, sport psychology and more, publishing 7 books, countless articles and producing dozens of training DVDs, I have decided to rap up all my experience and knowledge in a single e-book that you have the opportunity to own now!


NASHFIT TRAINING is simply that information about the right training systems and techniques that was a missing link in your experience!

The secret of top professional bodybuilders and other elite athletes will now be revealed to you!

No more guessing, no more frustrations, no more wasted time...


These are just some questions that I will answer for you in this e-book:

  • Always training with 6-8 reps with heavy weights and not growing?
  • Training your favourite system 4 days per week and still not having wanted changes?
  • Still believing that squats are the best exercise for legs, but not having big legs?
  • Religiously doing bench press for years, but never achieving a big chest?
  • Constantly having shoulder and elbow injuries 'without a reason'?
  • Bulking up in the last few years but your arms still not big enough?
  • Believing that your calves are small because of wrong genetics?
  • Being the strongest guy in the gym but not the biggest?
  • Not realising that your training has become more of a social event where every set actually counts as a new training session due to very long rest?
  • Ever wondered what are muscle fibres and how do they work?
  • Asked yourself the question 'how do muscles grow'?
  • Understood that hormonal response to food is the food's most important impact on the body?
  • Considered carbohydrates to be your friends?
  • Still believing that all saturated fats are bad for you?
  • Are you one of those people who believe that there is something out there called 'cardio' exercise that apparently trains your cardiovascular system?
  • Doing your daily endless 'cardio' to get ripped but still far away from seeing your six-pack?

Since you have all of these and much, much more now answered a click away from you, with your determination, hard work and right mental attitude, your progress is just about to start as never before!

No more excuses, no more missing links, no more wrong training systems and training techniques, no more injuries and frustrations!

After all the efforts and hard work you are ready to put into sculpting the new you, you definitely deserve to achieve great results. You can have those big muscles you always wanted and visible six-pack all year round!

As this long time hidden revolutionary life changing information, that you can finally own in my new e-book, is the most powerful weapon to help you achieve your dream physique, stop with the old madness and start changing now, for the price of a small protein tub, still at only £29.99!