About Nash

Nash Jocic is a champion bodybuilder who competed 46 times across the globe, nutritionist, author, producer, motivational speaker and personal trainer with experience of over 25 years. He has trained over a thousand recreational, intermediate and advanced and professional athletes from different sporting backgrounds. When it comes to fat loss, strength increase and muscle building Nash has developed a perfect formula for success in his unique NashFit Training System.

His interests and studies in the fields of nutrition, biochemistry, physiology and biomechanics have helped him to achieve a perfect track record in achieving his client's goals. Throughout a wide range of his innovative products, Nash's extensive experience and expertise is now available globally, finally allowing everyone to benefit in record time.

Nash's goal is to empower you to look better, feel strong and live a healthy and successful lifestyle day in and day out, year in year out.

About Nash Jocic