Nash's talks are a great opportunity to learn first hand about his experience in helping others achieve healthier, happier and more productive lives. From company managements, big corporate or public audiences, fitness-orientated audiences to schools assemblies, the contents of his talks capture and engage instantly everyone involved.

His thoughts and straight from the heart messages about values, goals, motivation and knowledge instantly engage audiences to take steps into achieving a better lifestyle.

In his extremely motivational, informative, inspirational and enjoyable talks, Nash covers the subjects of lifestyle, motivation, personal improvement, achieving and maintaining a good health through healthy eating and effective exercises.

These are the subjects that Nash talks about:

  • Lifestyle change through optimization of our intellectual, spiritual and physical existence
  • Value systems
  • Choice of goals and goals setting
  • Importance of obtaining the right information
  • Knowledge is everything
  • Knowledge is the foundation for motivation
  • Motivation in relation to action
  • Information, motivation and action as one whole
  • Individual and collective responsibility
  • Health and importance of health
  • Synergy of body systems
  • Food and edibles: difference
  • Right eating
  • Macro and micro nutrients: importance and balance
  • Food combination
  • Hormonal response to food
  • Obesity problem: why do we get fat and how do we get fat
  • Fat loss management: prevention and cure
  • Importance of exercise
  • Muscular and hormonal response to exercise
  • Metabolism; the key for fat loss and good health
  • How exercise influences metabolism
  • Metabolism and nutrition
  • Type of exercise
  • Most effective exercise training systems and techniques
  • Frequency, Intensity and Timing
  • Exercise for all ages
  • Stay fit for life
  • And more...

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