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David Bamber (award-winning actor)

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Jonathan Hughes (Architect)

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Al Pillay (Actor)

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Dorian Yates (Six Times Mr. Olympia)

"I was the one of the lucky ones that has been coached by fitness guru Nash Jocic. Nash has helped me to maximise my own potentials and achieve great balance in my intellectual, spiritual and physical existence. As I have benefited a lot from his personal engagement and advice I have also found his book "Lifestyle Change" insightful, amazingly well researched, motivating and inspiring, much like Nash himself.

Thank you for putting all that knowledge on paper and sharing it with the rest of us"

Joe Ferrera (Actor & Acting Coach)

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Ralph Genang (Company Director)

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Jan Åke Karlsson - Director
Tahitian Noni International

"With the world driven by evidence-based science, Nash's immense experience in training and nutrition combines seamlessly to buide me towareds the practice of healthy living."

Dr. Izwan Izmir, MBChB, MRCPCH

"Nash's incomparable knowledge and great experiece in the fields of fitness, nutrition and life coaching are the power behind the Ultimate Shape products. They are created to deliver results and they certainly do! You simply can't afford not to use them."

Llymore Butler (Fitness Manager)

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David Yue (Business Analyst)

"I heard about the website from a friend of mine, who recommended it to me as a way forward to a total lifestyle change which I was looking for. I started to look into the various products, made good use of the elaborate weight training DVD’s whilst I was away on holiday. Then came back to London, resolute more than ever and decided to train directly with Nash 4 times a week. Nash's holistic approach changed everything for me, I started looking at nutrition, weight training, lifestyle change, all as a package, intertwined with each other. His ability to empower me, motivate me on a daily basis, constantly keep on moving the process forward has changed my life entirely. Weight training has never been so pleasurable, I actually look forward to the days when I can train. It turned my whole focus of life around, I know now, this is part of my lifestyle for good. Not some kind quick fix temporarily measure, instead I look at it as a long term commitment, that brings me much joy and pride too."

David Elle (Property Investor)

"In the last two years I haven't experienced any improvement in my training. I have tried everything that others have advised me without any success. Finally I started training with Nash. His training systems and techniques, nutrition advice and the power to motivate and inspire ade me change in 6 weeks beyond my imagination!"

Dean Esterhuizen (CNC Programmer)

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Eyal Bull (Options Broker)

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Sasha Alexander Music (IT Professional)

"In my long fitness career, I have met many professional athletes and trainers, but can freely say that Nash Jocic is definitely one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and successful personal trainers and nutritionists. I have seen many of his clients improving dramatically in record time, driven by his dedication and enthusiasm to help people feel better and look better. TRAINING WITH NASH WILL BE THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU EVER MADE"

Sav Kyriakou (Muscleworks Gym)

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Holley Chant (Actress)

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Jamo Nezzar (IFBB Pro)

"I started training 4 years ago. I achieved some results, but certainly nothing dramatic. Then I met Nash Jocic. The following 18 months of training with Nash transformed my physique a lot. Nash taught me that optimum muscular development has little to do with length of time you devote to training or the amount of weight lifted. Instead he has shown me that it is primarily about TECHNIQUE and INTENSITY! Thanks to Nash I now have a body that most guys half my age can only dream about!"

Rogan Doecke (Company Director)

"They say you can't hide a good body and looking great is more important then ever... the effect of Nash's programme has been amazing, in an incredibly short time Nash has shown me that with the right attitude and a few lifestyle changes you can really get good shape. GO FOR IT!"

Marc Johnson (Universal Music)

"Nash is a rare trainer who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. He's training hard, and that gives you the confidence that he knows what he's talking about. He also shares insights through his experience that few trainers know about. THIS MAKES WORKING OUT WITH HIM EXCITING AND REFRESHING"

Blake Ludwig (Procurement Analyst)